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5 Essential GoPro Travel Accessories

5 Essential GoPro Travel Accessories
27 September 2017 No comments

Image source: Nathz Guardia

Many of our staff will attest to the benefits of taking a GoPro traveling abroad. They are a great way of documenting those once in a lifetime experiences and capturing unusual angles for your travel video montage.

But where would the GoPro be without its trusty ‘sidekick’ accessories? We’ve pulled together 5 of our favourite GoPro travel accessories, which we think are essential for anyone considering traveling with a GoPro.

1. 3-Way Camera Grip

GoPro 3 Way

The official GoPro 3-Way is one of the most versatile accessories out there. You have the camera grip which allows for smooth control over the GoPro; the 3-way extension arm, which provides the perfect selfie angle, removing the pole from the shot; and the tripod, which serves as a great stable platform to capture that action moment. And it all packs away into the handle, making it a neat little package.

2. GoPro Remo

GoPro Remo

Working in tandem with the GoPro HERO6 or HERO5 Black and Session, the Remo recognises thirteen pre-programmed voice commands which wirelessly control the camera. You can wear the Remo on your wrist or clip it to a bag / shirt and the powerful microphone picks up your every instruction.

Have a look at the below video for some of the ways this hands-free accessory can improve your holiday shots.

Video source: GoPro Tutorials

3. Vented Helmet Strap

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

There are a multitude of uses where the strap shines (bike / ski helmet), but our favourite is strapping the GoPro to our rucksack strap, turning it on and forgetting about it. This will produce great footage and capture some otherwise missed moments whilst travelling.

4. Handlebar Mount

GoPro Handlebar Mount

We’ve found that one of the best ways to see the sites when travelling is to hop on the trusty push bike (not always so trusty in every country). This mount means you’ll never fail to catch the essence of your destination as life goes by.

5. GoPro HERO6 Rechargeable battery

GoPro Rechargeable Battery

This one really is a no brainer. Take two or three of these and ensure you never run out of juice for your next epic travel video montage. Just don’t forget to charge them the night before, we’ve all been there…

All of these accessories make the GoPro an easy to use, fun and versatile action camera, which is perfect for traveling. View the rest of the GoPro range here.

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