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5 Dusk Till Dawn Adventures

5 Dusk Till Dawn Adventures
3 September 2020

As the sun sets it opens up a whole new world of adventures, granting you solo access to what would be crowded beauty spots, sounds and sights of nocturnal wildlife and a sky full of stars and planets.

Here are five of our favourite dusk till dawn adventures:

Enjoy A Late Evening / Early Morning Hike Or Run

Dusk Walk

Whether it’s late evening or early morning, a gentle stroll through local trails should be much quieter, leaving you to enjoy your surroundings in peace.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, low light conditions are great for practising your navigation skills or working on your foot placement when running (a head torch will help with both).

Watch The Sunset / Sunrise From Your Nearest Hill


As sunrises get later and sunsets earlier, you don’t have to go to bed that late or get up too early to catch one. A small climb up anything resembling a hill will soon improve your view and have you gazing out towards the horizon.

If you want to take in both a sunset and sunrise why not wild camp (with landowner’s permissions) at your viewpoint and enjoy a full night of adventure.

Star Gaze

Star Gaze

Stargazing is a great activity for all ages and with the help of a star mapping app you can soon find out what constellations you’re looking at.

The best place to get a clear view away from light pollution is at one of the many UK’s Dark Sky Locations. You’ll often find small campsites within these areas where you can set yourself up for the night in a comfy chair or even try your hand at long exposure photography (most modern phones have a pre-set mode for night time shots).

Nocturnal Animal walks


For a lot of animals, darkness and the hours either side is when they are most active, making them easier to spot. Dusk is a great time to see starling murmurations, along with others such as badgers and owls, which are harder to locate in the dark.

RSPB and local wildlife groups often run nocturnal animal safaris which are a great adventure for kids big and small.

Nighttime Yoga

Nigttime Yoga

Travel out to the local countryside and work through a flow, enjoying the cool fresh air, quiet surroundings and darkness. The lack of stimulus from your surroundings should make it easier to focus on your breathing and technique, leaving you refreshed and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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