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30 Years Of The White Book

30 Years Of The White Book
10 October 2016 No comments

The winter of 1987/88 saw many key moments in the world of skiing: Pirmin Zurbriggen took the downhill gold in the Calgary Winter Olympics; Eddie The Eagle exploded onto the international stage; the game- changing ski film “Blizzard of Aahhs” was released... and the first Ellis Brigham White Book was published. The fashion section featured long-lost brands such as Franz Klammer, Elho and Phoenix. Onepiece suits and day-glo suncream were de rigueur for women and men. Rear-entry ski boots still dominated and skis were long and skinny!

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Thirty years on and the White Book is still the reference for everything new and exciting in snowsports. Lots of things have changed; snowboarding now shares centre stage with skiing and thankfully onepiece suits and day-glo suncream are no longer required. Clothing technology is light years ahead and equipment design has gone to places previously unthought of. But some things are constant; you can still get a great pair of boots for £250, a good ski set-up can be yours for £350... and Ellis Brigham is still a family-owned company run by mountain enthusiasts who share your passion and understand your needs.

Enjoy the White Book 30, there are 270 pages of amazing kit and there’s even more online.

White Book 30

White Book 1987-88