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12 Outdoor Challenges For 2018

12 Outdoor Challenges For 2018
28 December 2017 No comments

Here at Ellis Brigham we’re excited for 2018; it’s a fresh start with 365 chances to enjoy what we like doing most, being active outdoors. We encourage you to join us on this journey and get out more this year.

To help you achieve this we’ve collated twelve of our favourite challenges for 2018.


A scottish ski resort and mountain
  • Challenge: A weekend skiing in the U.K
  • Date: January
  • Location: North England or Scotland
  • Website: A map www.skiclub.co.uk

January is probably the best chance to get some skiing done in the UK - when the ground is cold enough for snow to stick. There are some small slopes in the north of England that are a great bit of fun but if you’re after bigger slopes or some off-piste, a trip to Scotland is your best bet.

If you're unsure about which Scottish resort to try out, have a look at our handy guide.


Runners on snow
  • Challenge: Rovaniemi Arctic Winter Race
  • Date: Rovaniemi66 16.-18th | Rovaniemi150 16.-19th | Rovaniemi300 16.-22nd
  • Location: Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Website: www.rovaniemi150.com

This Arctic race leads you through forests, across frozen lakes and along snow laden trails in the city of Rovaniemi, north F Finland. With temperatures of -30C or lower, you compete over one of three distances: 66, 150 or 300km. Each races has three categories within it; ski, foot or fat bike – something for everyone.


Lulworth Cove
  • Challenge: Trail Events Co Running Series
  • Date: 3rd March
  • Location: Lulworth Cove
  • Website: www.trailevents.co

All trail distances (10k, Half, Marathon or Ultra) travel along the South West Coast Path passing picturesque Lulworth Cove before heading inland to complete a circular route.


A man climbing a cliff

Work your way up fixed cables, staples, ladders and bridges at the second biggest via Ferrata in the UK. The route passes along Fleetwood Pike (2,126ft) and offers views of Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall and a bedrock amphitheatre.


Climbing over water
  • Challenge: Deep water soloing
  • Date: May
  • Location: Lighthouse Area, Portland

The freedom of free climbing with the safety of the sea below, Portland has a mixture of routes suitable for intermediate climbers to test their skills on.


trail running

Compete individually over a 5km course or as part of team in a 12 or 24hr endurance race around Townley Park. There is also a ‘mini-blaster’ fun-run for kids who want to join in with the fun.


  • Challenge: Mega Avalanche
  • Date: 2nd - 8th July
  • Location: Alpe D’huez
  • Website:<ahref="https://www.ucc-sportevent.com/en/megavalanche-alpe-dhuez-en/" target="_blank"> www.ucc-sportevent.com

Every year thousands of riders step up to challenge this is the Mega Avalanche. It starts from the Pic Blanc Glacier at 3330m and require riders to navigate snow, rocks and trails, travelling 2600m down the mountain to the finish line.


two walkers and a mountain background
  • Challenge:Haute Route Glacier Trek
  • Date:August
  • Location:French and Swiss Alps

A seven-day hike from Mont-Blanc to the Matterhorn, this glacial adventure offers up spectacular panoramas and ridgelines. Along the way you ascend multiple 3000m peaks, traverse glaciers and rest in mountains huts.


Not for the faint of heart, this is race is 55km's of trail running and scrambling up three peaks in and around Glen Coe, totalling 4,750m in height gained.


A Cyclist
  • Challenge: Warwickshire Triathlon
  • Date: Sunday 7th
  • Location: Stratford upon Avon
  • Website: www.uktriathlon.co.uk

This sprint Triathlon is the perfect introduction to the sport and takes you on a tour around the scenic town of Stratford upon Avon. It consists of a 400m swim at the local pool, 18K countryside bike ride and flat 5KM run route along in the riverside. If it seems a little too much to take on by yourself then you can take part as a relay team with three members completing one discipline each.


camping in winter

Scotland’s ‘right to roam’ act grants access to almost all public land in Scotland for walking and camping. There are a few rules and regulations you need to adhere to but apart from that you can pretty much rock up anywhere and set up camp.

Makes sure to check the weather before you go - if it is a clear night and you have a bit of luck winter is a great time to spot the Northern Lights (as the nights are darkest at this time of the year).


Swimmmers in a river

Almost everyone in the UK has easy access to the sea, rivers or lakes and with the resurgence of Lidos there is now an abundance of locations to swim outdoors. So why not throw on your bathing suit, embrace the cold and go for a dip this December.

If some of the above challenges seem a little daunting why not start out with your very own Micro-adventure.