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10 Travel Essentials You Never Thought To Take

10 Travel Essentials You Never Thought To Take
10 July 2017 No comments

Image Source: Sven Scheumeier

You've spent months planning your route, you've booked your flights and packed your bags - it's time to finally embark on your Magnum Iter. We can almost guarantee that no matter how prepared you are for your travels, chances are you'll have a heart-in-throat moment when the plane is about to take off and you suddenly question whether you packed any underpants or your Visa (eek!).

But what about the things you never even thought to take with you? We thought we'd share some of our favourite travel accessories that you probably didn't even know existed in the first place, but could prove invaluable on your overseas adventures.

1. Lifeventure Travel Bath/Sink Plug

You might be taking everything but the kitchen sink, but that doesn't mean you should go without a sink plug! This Lifeventure universal plug is a handy addition to your washbag or cookware set for those facilities that are lacking the fundamentals.

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Travel Kitchen Sink

2. Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

If your journey is taking you away from the luxury of kitchen or bathroom amenities, the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is a neat solution to cleaning your cookware or yourself! Able to hold 10 litres but collapsing down small enough to barely notice it in your pack, this portable sink is definitely one you can take on holiday.

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3. Lifeventure Travel Door Lock

You can never be too security conscious, especially if you're travelling on a shoestring. This internal door lock provides peace of mind when you're staying in a hostel or bedsit on the shadier side of town.

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4. Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

When you're backpacking in the back of beyond, you soon realise the value of a shower and feeling clean. Weighing just 120g and with a 10 litre capacity (more than enough for a backpacker shower) the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is an ingenious device that you can hang and fill anywhere, so you can continue your expedition refreshed.

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5. Lifeventure Travel Clothes Line

Laundrettes are a rare luxury in many parts of the world, let alone tumble driers. This portable washing line provides an instant place to hang your wet clothes after a wash or a river crossing. The twist design means there's no needs for pegs, and a pair of suckered ends means it can be strung up almost anywhere.

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6. Lifeventure Travel Mirror

Okay it might not be an essential per se, but you never know when you might need to look your best! If you're away from home for a long amount of time, little commodities like this can prove invaluable.

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7. Duct Tape

Life lesson of the day: There aren't many things in this world that cannot be fixed with duct tape. Whether you've ripped your waterproof jacket, torn your tent or simply need to strap your luggage together, duct tape is a super-versatile element in your pack.

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8. Lifesystems Solo Traveller First Aid Kit

Backpacking can often mean visiting areas with little or no access to basic first aid, let alone a hospital. This kit provides you with all the sterile essentials to self-administer aid to minor injuries - a must-have if you're headed well off the beaten track.

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Pacsafe ProSafe 700 TSA

9. Pacsafe ProSafe 700 TSA

Protecting your luggage from prospective thieves is unfortunately an essential part of any journey. This Pacsafe combination lock safeguards your pack / contents and is TSA approved, which means TSA (US) and HRSC (UK) agents can open and relock your bag using secured tools (during inspection) without needing to break the lock - leaving your luggage secure for the rest of the journey.

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10. Dry Bags

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your gear dry! Splitting your clothing and gear into dry bags can be a wise move, especially if your luggage or pack could be exposed to the elements. Equally, a small dry bag makes a perfect washbag, ensuring any leaky shower gel/shampoo/sunscreen bottles are kept sealed seperate from your other belongings.

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