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10 Signs You Cant Wait For Winter

10 Signs You Cant Wait For Winter
4 December 2017 No comments

Most of us live for the hot weather and the long, sunny days that summer brings. But then there are others - us included - that flourish when the temperatures drop, the nights draw in and cooling down is replaced by cosying up.

Here are our 10 signs that you can't wait for winter...

1. You've secretly embraced the fact that UK summers are short (and like it)

Summers are short

2. You keep dreaming up ways to try out your brand new skis...

Skiing in a desert

...and imagine it will be like this

Candide Thovex Skiing in a Field

...But it will probably look more like this.

Skiing in a Field

3. You can't wait to ditch the summer diet...

Eating for winter

In fact, work on your 'insulation layer' is well underway.

Eating lots of cake

4. You've already worn your brand new winter coat

...Despite it being nowhere near cold enough.

Too hot

And you sure as hell can't wait to bust out your new winter hat.

Penguin running in a top hat

5. You're itching to test out your new snow boots as well...

Girl falling over on ice

...And your new jumper.

Carlton Dancing

6. Winter always looks like this in your head

idealistic winter snowfall

...And like this

Powder skiing

...Even though you know it will be more like this.

met office snow symbol

And you have months of 'winter hair' to come.

winter hair

7. You've been waiting since April to say this in earnest to someone.

Winter is coming

8. And you kinda get where these guys are coming from

Winter is coming

9. When you see a Munro with no snow on it.

Disappointed Yoda

10. Then you first see this symbol come up on the forecast for the first time.

met office snow symbol



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Mike is a keen cyclist, snowboarder, trail runner and walker. He has travelled extensively, spending a year living out of a van in New Zealand before joining Ellis Brigham four years ago. Can usually be found walking his dog or tortoise.