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10 Mistakes Every Skier Makes

10 Mistakes Every Skier Makes
19 November 2020 No comments

Starting out in skiing can often be a bit daunting. Alongside learning technique you have lots of equipment to get used to, terminology/slang to understand and a whole host of slope etiquette to master.

Here are 10 common mistakes that almost every skier makes as they start out. Hopefully you can avoid doing them but if you spot a few you have already made, then don’t worry, nearly all skiers will have tripped up on their fair share of these at some point!

Buy Ski Boots That Are Too Small

Numb toes, cold feet and beaten up toenails are all problems that come from wearing ski boots too small for you.

Professional ski racers often downsize significantly for performance, however, in a race run that lasts a couple of minutes, comfort isn’t at all important. For most skiers, it is crucial that the fit is close, but not crushed.

It can be hard to tell if a boot is the right size for you to begin with. We always recommend heading in to one of our stores where possible to receive a full boot fit, and if you aren’t able to, contact our customer service team who can help guide you to the right boots for you.

Buy Ski Boots That Are Too Big

It is also really common to choose boots that are too big for you, as initially all the extra room will feel really comfy. However, as soon as you start skiing you’ll start to notice plenty of discomfort and issues caused by big sizing. Bruised toes, blisters and painful shins are just a couple of the problems you might encounter.

Buckling up ski boots

Keep Your Lift Pass Somewhere Inconvenient

Unfortunately storing your pass in the bottom of your rucksack isn’t going to cut it. We’ve all awkwardly had to dig around to get our lift pass to scan at some point. A personal experience of leaving a lift pass at a lunch stop and not realising until at the chairlift means that lift pass location is a priority for me, and it should be for you too!

Ideally your jacket will have a lift pass zip on your sleeve, if not a secure inside chest pocket usually does the trick.

Order The Wrong Size Skis

It’s easy to get a little bit lost with ski sizing. Too short and you won’t have much stability, whereas if you go too long, you’ll have a hard time turning.

When you’re starting out, it’s worth getting the advice of an expert as the right length for you depends on a few factors, mainly, your ability and the type of skiing you are doing.

Bend A Ski Pole

It’ll happen to almost everyone at some point. Whether the result of a spectacular crash or an over-enthusiastic pole plant, unfortunately, an accidentally bent ski pole doesn’t instantly give you the speed of a world cup racer.

Ski Racer

Not Wearing Enough Layers

For your first trip, it can be really hard to gauge what to wear, but I think skiers around the world can agree that there is nothing worse than not having enough layers on.

Always make sure that you appropriately use a layering system and have options to give you additional warmth. Check out our ski wear buying guide for further help.

Wearing Too Many Layers

Whilst wearing not enough layers is uncomfortable, overheating can also cause its fair share of discomfort. Especially in the late season, it’s possible for temperatures to be well above freezing and occasionally into double figures which can make things very toasty.

In the same way that you should have layers for warmth, be sure to take a skiing backpack with you so that you can store those warmer layers when the temperature starts to rise.

Ski Goggles That Don't Fit Your Helmet

The dreaded forehead gap is a common sight. It leads to brain freeze and minus steeze points. Ideally, you want the top of your goggles to fit flush with the rim of your helmet and avoid any big gaps or your helmet pushing the goggles down your face.

Ski Drag Lift

Sit Down On A Drag/Button Lift

It’s an easy mistake to make when learning or tired, but putting your weight down on the button lift will only see you being dragged uphill on your back! Make sure to keep your skiing stance when using the lifts letting the button gently pull you back up the slopes

Drop A Ski Pole From A Chair Lift

Whilst trying to grab some food from your bag, or taking a chairlift selfie, it is unfortunately quite easy to drop a ski pole. Make sure to hold onto your poles carefully when using a chairlift! The last thing you want to be doing is heading back under the chair lift in search of a dropped pole.

For skiing advice and how to swerve other mistakes have a chat with our online experts in live chat (bottom right-hand corner of your screen) or drop into one of our stores once they are back up and running.

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