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10 Jaw-Dropping Adventure GoPro Videos

10 Jaw-Dropping Adventure GoPro Videos
31 May 2017 No comments

Written by: Josh Worrall | Image by: Fabrizio Verrecchia

Has there ever been a time where you’ve thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I’d recorded that”, the very moment you land that trick you’ve been trying for months but don’t have a cameraman to prove it… Or maybe you just want to re-live an experience from your own point of view? If so, then maybe it’s high time you owned a GoPro.

Here are 10 of our favourite videos captured by the iconic action camera...

Chuck Patterson

Firstly, we see Chuck Patterson take a different approach to surfing. He ditches his surfboard and grabs his skis to conquer the famous wave, ‘Jaws’.

Emma Dahlström

From the waves to the slopes - we join Emma Dahlström on her early morning start at this year’s Suzuki Nine Queens. This really is impressive…

Shaun White

Tricks like this just need to be captured. Shaun White is able to review his footage on-site to mak adjustments and land a frontside double cork 1440!

Hank Caylor

Think you've got a head for heights? Could you ever imagine scaling an indoor climbing wall at 4000ft? … Well, climbers Daniel Krug, Hank Caylor, and Max Fanning have done exactly that. Watch as they climb the world's highest climbing wall suspended underneath a hot air balloon!

Laurene Sibue & Xavier Gaboriaud

You don't actually need a hot air balloon to ascend into the clouds. Laurene Sibue and Xavier Gaboriaud climb over 30 stories on the "Monolithe de Sardières” in Savoie, France. So if you’re more into ‘conventional’ climbing, we think you’ll enjoy this.

Matthew Villegas

From the high skies, to the deep dark frozen abyss. Matthew Villegas delves under the icy cloak of Morrison Quarry, in Quebec, Canada, to find himself in an aquatic wonderland.

Quentin Luçon

Professional BASE jumper Quentin Luçon and friends, manage to make a rope swing out of completely thin air and a little bit of imagination. This isn’t what you expect…

Marshall Miller

Marshall Miller has discovered the fastest way to the bottom of Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix and probably the most fun too! He refers to this as the best day of his life.

Megan Lorenz

GoPros aren’t just for recording extreme sports as Megan Lorenz finds out. Their small and discrete size makes them great for capturing wildlife - including dancing owls… yes, you read that right: DANCING OWLS.

Jamie Mullner

For those unexpected moments in life, having a GoPro is great. You can capture the unimaginable. While skiing, Jamie Mullner fell into a huge crevasse and got it all on camera.

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