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10 Backcountry Instagramers You Should Follow

10 Backcountry Instagramers You Should Follow
7 February 2018 No comments

The low price and ease-of use of modern-day filming equipment means any Tom, Dick or Harry can stick a GoPro/iPhone on a selfie-stick and produce video content. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that budget isn’t stopping talent rise to the top but separating the wheat from the chaff can become a bit of a scroll-fest.

To cut down on your trawling of Instagram for the best backcountry tricks, lines, destinations, panoramas etc - we’ve got you the inside track on 10 accounts you should be following.

Marion Haerty


Juggling the Freeride World Tour (where she came 3rd overall in 2016) and studies for a business degree, Marion Haerty is on world wind tour of challenging competition and good times with the Rossingol Team.