man wearing Gore-Tex PRO stood in rain chamberman wearing Gore-Tex PRO stood in rain chamber

The Next Level Of GORE-TEX Pro Garments


This is gear for going further than you've ever been before. GORE-TEX PRO garments are for outdoor professionals and serious outdoor visionaries who need the most rugged and durable protection available. They are designed to be extremely breathable and come with the ultimate GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise for waterproof protection in a totally windproof product. So you can master even the most extreme situations.

Starting this Autumn 2020, GORE-TEX most rugged and durable product technology will come with a range of technology evolutions that can be combined into one garment to create gear that perfectly matches the needs of specific end uses. These garments carry the "GORE-TEX PRO NEW" tag.

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When you’re battling icy conditions during a multi-day, multi-pitch climb, or caught in a torrential rainstorm two days out from basecamp, you need gear you can rely on. GORE-TEX PRO garments are built to be extremely rugged, meaning you can rely on your gear to last from one adventure, and season, to the next.

GORE-TEX PRO garments take the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise to the next level. Thanks to the system of outer face textiles, the GORE-TEX membrane and inner lining designed to be as robust as possible, you are protected even when you’re pushing yourself to go harder and further over rough terrain and in extreme conditions.

gore-tex pro layersgore-tex pro layers
goretex pro fabric technology demonstrated in a jacketgoretex pro fabric technology demonstrated in a jacket

During intense, stop-and-go activity, sweat can soak into your base layers, making you cold and uncomfortable when you rest or slow down.

GORE-TEX PRO garments have been engineered to be extremely breathable and use a specially processed GORE-TEX membrane that allows moisture from sweat vapour to escape, keeping your body’s microclimate balanced for longer.

Plus these garments are also totally windproof, so you stay more comfortable even when you’re out there mastering the extreme for hours on end.


Products that carry the most rugged label have been designed with durability as a priority and are highly resistant to abrasions and snags.

Higher dernier, exceptionally durable, face fabrics are used in more areas of the garment to be able to endure those inevitable scratches and scrapes that occur on adventures.

Each of these products must pass extremely rigorous tests. These tests are performed in a lab by a team of dedicated scientists before being put through their paces out in the most extreme conditions, all around the world by professionals and athletes.

Man wearing Norrona skiwear looking over snowy mountain sceneMan wearing Norrona skiwear looking over snowy mountain scene
Stefan testing new goretex pro jacket in rain chamberStefan testing new goretex pro jacket in rain chamber

3-layer GORE-TEX PRO most rugged also benefits from patented Gore Micro Grid Backer technology, now developed with solution dyeing. The specially woven lining protects the membrane from abrasion on the inside, and slides easily over layers meaning you can feel comfortable and move freely. The low denier backer is still highly breathable and robust, without adding excessive weight.

Whether you're climbing up rough rock faces or riding gnarly, high alpine chutes you want protection built to last so you can keep using your gear season after season.

These GORE-TEX PRO most rugged garments are just that, so you stay protected for longer and have the freedom to take your adventures further than ever before.

"On an expedition we bring not just ourselves to the limits but also our equipment. So we worked together on the new GORE-TEX PRO to get the right ruggedness, breathability and flexibility." - Stefan Glowacz Professional Climber & Adventurer

Stefan Glowacz GoreTex Pro AthleteStefan Glowacz GoreTex Pro Athlete


Products that carry the most breathable label have been designed with superior breathability to ensure you stay comfortable when on the move.

Lightweight, thinner face fabrics are utilised in more areas of these garments, particularly at the underarms and on the back where we can be prone to generate high levels of body heat.

When sweat evaporates off your skin, it cools you down, preventing you from overheating, however, during extended periods of intense activity, too much sweat can cause overheating and discomfort. Your clothes need to let moisture vapour escape before it builds up and soaks your base layers which is why breathable performance is essential.

ice climber and belayer wearing Patagonia clothingice climber and belayer wearing Patagonia clothing
Tamara testing new goretex pro jacket in rain chamberTamara testing new goretex pro jacket in rain chamber

GORE-TEX Pro most breathable fabrics are required to breathe well enough to allow your sweat to evaporate even during prolonged periods of heavy physical exertion that is required during outdoor adventures.

These garments are rigorously tested to be extremely breathable, meaning sweat in the form of moisture vapour can easily escape. So you can rely on gear that works as hard as you do.

The blend of excellent durability and highly effective breathability that the new GORE-TEX Pro fabric offers, combined with exquisitely designed garments from industry-leading brands, has created a whole new level of performance in wet weather protection so we can strive to do better and go further, for longer.

"GORE-TEX really feels like a part of my family, we have the same values and strive towards the same goals." -Tamara Lunger Mountaineer

Tamara Lunger GoreTex AthleteTamara Lunger GoreTex Athlete


The new GORE-TEX Pro most rugged and most breathable fabrics employ a more sustainable backer which has been developed with solution dying as well as recycled fabrics.

The solution dying process has a considerably lower environmental footprint by using almost 50% less water than other more traditional dying methods while recycling existing textiles helps save them from landfill.

By creating garments that are more rugged and durable they will also perform for longer which will, in turn, lead to less products needing to be replaced, further reducing their environmental footprint.

winter belayer wearing Mountain Equipment clothingwinter belayer wearing Mountain Equipment clothing
testing new goretex pro jacket in rain chambertesting new goretex pro jacket in rain chamber

This patented Gore Micro Grid Backer technology is used on GORE-TEX Pro most rugged and most breathable garments.

It is a specially woven lining that protects the GORE-TEX membrane from abrasion on the inside of your jacket when on the move.

It has also been designed to slide easily over your other layers allowing you to move freely when you need to.

It is highly breathable and robust without adding any excessive weight to the overall garment.

"We’re all trying to be a little better towards the environment and it’s neat to see GORE-TEX coming with a solution dyed fabric. As the outdoor community, we need to be the ones that rise to the challenge." - Greg Hill Ski Mountaineer

Greg Hill GoreTex AthleteGreg Hill GoreTex Athlete