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Nacho Garcia

Nacho began ice climbing when he joined Ellis Brigham's Covent Garden shop over six years ago. Immediately realising he had found his niche, he became an ice wall instructor and spent time managing our London Vertical Chill indoor ice wall.

Nacho loves his job, and the opportunity it gives him to train his skills and technique on the ice: "Most people go ice climbing once or twice a year, I do it two or three times a month plus at least one trip a year somewhere outdoors. That has allowed me to improve and polish my technique quite fast. It also gives me access to quite a wide range of gear that I can test and try."

He also relishes the chance he gets to learn from some of the world's top athletes: "Meeting good ice climbers in the ice wall and learning from their experience also helped me, but I learned the most when I had ice climbing training classes with top worldwide climbers Tim Emmett and Dave Mcleod."

He has also been climbing for the last 4 years and has become a climbing wall instructor. He isn't too fussy about what type just so long as he gets to spend some quality time on the rock, as a result he has experience in all areas of climbing, be it trad, sport or bouldering.

Favourite Place:

The Alps and Norway. "My favourite destination for ice climbing is the Alps. Lovely food, French or Italian depending on which side you are on and it's not overly cold, so the ice is soft and nice to climb. As for Norway, it has a whole host of uncharted areas with unclimbed, frozen water falls to explore."