Designed for steep and rugged terrain, these men’s mountain boots offer the support you need for mountaineering and year-round mountain walking. Sturdy construction and premium materials deliver all-weather performance. Himalayan summits, alpine peaks, Scottish winter climbs and snowy Lakeland fells are all within reach with crampon-compatible men’s mountaineering boots.

Men’s boots designed specifically for mountaineering are often given ‘B Ratings’ to indicate their intended use:

B0: Non-crampon compatible, suitable for walking below the snowline

B1: Compatible with a C1 strap-on crampon. Men’s boots in this category can be a good all round choice for those who expect to do a small amount of winter hill walking as well as long summer mountain walks and scrambles.

B2: Compatible with a semi-automatic C2 crampon. Men’s boots in this category offer more support for front pointing and kicking steps in snow, but with enough flex to sustain a comfortable regular walking action.

B3: Compatible with a C3 automatic ice climbing crampon. Men’s boots in this category are great for alpinists and Scottish winter climbers on snowed-up buttresses, steep gullies and arêtes. They have the stiffest soles and make front pointing far less strenuous, but can also be slightly less easy to walk in over long distances.

A B3 can take C1, C2 and C3 crampons.

A B2 can take C2 or C1 crampons.

A B1 can take C1 crampons only.

A B0 cannot take any crampon.

The above is a guide but there is no substitute for experience so please speak to our shop staff to get more advice and try different models.