Our ski experts

At Ellis Brigham we pride ourselves on having the best ski clothing and hardware ranges in the UK, and to back up these credentials we employ expert skiers in most of our stores. These guys and girls know their stuff when it comes to skiing, whether you need information about the latest skis and bindings, or if you just want advice about a particular resort or area, they'll be happy to help.

Find out more and see where they're based below.

  • Sarah Parnell


    Store: AVIEMORE

    Sarah has been part of Ellis Brigham Ski Buyers Ski Test. NZSIA 2 (New Zealand Instructors Qualification). She has completed 6 seasons of instructingand 9 seasons of fitting boots.

    Her skiing style is very technical and precise, because having taught the sport in both New Zealand and the US she likes to practice what she preaches. She’s also been on two Ellis Brigham ski tests, so if you’ve got questions about the latest skis or boots, Sarah can help.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    “Anywhere with snow and an epic view. Preferably a little known resort you stumble across with only the locals for company… although Jackson Hole in Wyoming is still on the bucket list.”

  • Rob Evans - Store Manager

    Manchester 130 Deansgate


    Rob has been with Ellis Brigham for over 16 years now, and he’s one of our resident ski gurus. Rob’s first ski season was in Copper Mountain in the States, and during the trip he qualified as a ski instructor.

    Since then he has taught skiing in Italy, Switzerland and Austria, as well as being present on over 10 Ellis Brigham ski tests. He loves ski mountaineering so if you’re planning a trip that might take you into the backcountry, make sure you chat to Rob first about the right safety equipment.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Chamonix & Verbier. “One word: Backcountry.”

  • Tom Hardman


    Store: TAMWORTH

    Tom has been been skiing for over two decades, starting out in the Snowdome when he was 4 and going to Heavenly for his first mountain holiday when he was 9. Most of his skiing has been in North America, around Lake Tahoe in California and Canadian resorts.

    An all-mountain skier with a head for adventure, Tom started to do a season in Revelstoke in 09/10 season but it was cut short three weeks in when he collided with a tree at over 50mph – thankfully he was able to walk out of the hospital the same day.

    Tom is hoping to head out to Japan for the 14/15 season to experience its legendary powder, and to experience the Tokyo nightlife.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Revelstoke, BC, Canada. "I So much freeride terrain accessed from three lifts. If you don't mind a hike and an explore there is an insane amount of terrain and light fluffy powder, pillows, bowls and tree runs."

  • Simon Pitman

    Fort William


    Simon's first experience of skiing was at the age of 10 when he went to Lapland with his family. He was hooked on the sport immediately. Throughout his school years he went on many ski trips and mountaineering trips, including the Welsh 3000's challenge and summiting 4000m peaks in both France and Switzerland.

    As soon as he left school, Simon started working in outdoor retail as a quick way of gaining some money for his next ski trip. From there, he realised that he enjoyed the outdoor retail world and the people he met along the way. Since then he has been striving to increase his knowledge of equipment both off and on the mountain.

    In 2013, Simon had the opportunity to spend a month in Montana, he trained with local experts, skiing off piste. This has enabled him to combine his passions of both skiing and mountaineering with touring.

    These days Simon aims to get 2 weeks a year skiing, and whatever time he can find in the summer to go mountaineering and wild camping in Britain and the Alps.

    Favourite resort:
    Big Sky, Montana. "It's the largest resort in the US but very quiet and very friendly. The south face's chutes, bowls, and forests have some of the best lines. And it's the only place I've seen 30 inches of snow fall overnight!"
  • Kitt Sappe



    How long have you been skiing?

    "I have been venturing to the mountains since I was about 10 so have been skiing for 16 years, and telemark skiing for roughly 5 years."

    What makes you an expert?

    "I have skied every year for the last 16 years did a couple of seasons in Val D’Isere, where I was able to get lots of time on the mountain. I also did many ski tests for a well known rental shop in Val D’Isere, so was able to jump on a wide variety of the next season’s skis and review them. I have attended talks on backcountry and avalanche safety and will be completing an avalanche safety course this season as well. "

    Any unbelievable anecdotes?

    "When working in the alps I received the award for the most time spent skiing! Whatever the weather I’m normally out there. I was also in the mono-ski championships and won my first heat. It is however not the most serious competition and I was in full 80s attire..."

    What's your favourite destination/resort/challenge to carry out your expert activity? Why?

    "I have skied most places in France, a few in Austria and Whistler in Canada, but my favourite resort to ski is Val D'Isere and Tignes. They are high up and there is a decent amount of off-piste to be had without hiking for hours. There are some pretty awesome bars as well!"

    What are your aims this season?

    "I would love to make it out to Niseko in Japan. They get so much snow. I would also love to learn to nose butter this season if I have enough time."

  • Mikaela Tengelin



    How long have you been skiing?

    "21 years - I started when I was 2 years old."

    What makes you an expert?

    "I'm Swedish so I started skiing when I was 2 years old and have done it since. I've skied around both Sweden and Norway a lot and in Switzerland too. I worked servicing skis in a ski resort in Sweden when I was younger, and I attended this year's snowboard and ski tests." "

    AWhat's your favourite aspect of skiing?

    "I've done a bit of everything when it comes to skiing. It's so much fun staying on the piste for some racing and nice carves, but I do love a good park and playing around off-piste in the trees as well. "

    What's your favourite destination/resort/challenge to carry out your expert activity? Why?

    "My favourite resort is Zermatt, Switzerland. It’s a big resort with a really good variety of pistes, but I really enjoy the parks in Sweden."

    What are your aims this season?

    "I'm aiming to go to Hemsedal, Norway this season and get back into skiing after an injury."