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Laura Jones

Laura started running from scratch in 2016 and has already racked up 8 challenging marathons across the world, with her sights now set on ultra-marathons.

She started running after agreeing to run the Everest Marathon in 2017, blaming a few glasses of wine for her temporary lack of judgment, and despite having never covered more than 5km. As the reality set in the next day, she quickly started to train hard with the Everest Marathon as her main goal.

What followed, was an unlikely love of running after the initial doubts that covering 42km would ever be possible. Seven months after buying her first pair of trainers, she was at the start line of the London Marathon, and what felt like many hours later, she’d crossed the finish line. She well and truly had the running bug, and set herself a challenge to run 7 marathons around the world in under one year, which she completed in March 2018, less than 11 months after London.

One month after London, she was at Mount Everest Basecamp, at 5,300m for what is officially The World’s Highest Marathon. Laura runs a luxury adventure travel company, Monix Adventures, and the Everest marathon idea itself was conceived by a client and friend who wanted to run one marathon in his life and wanted it to be spectacular. Too good an opportunity to miss, Laura jumped at the chance of being his running partner. The course followed a mix of scree, rock, and gravel for 26 miles, nearly all above 4,000 metres.

Just 2 weeks after returning home, she was in Canada for the Banff Marathon, which ended in hospital with a knee injury and a DNF. It was a huge blow, but after a summer of rest and strengthening, she was back in the race in September for the Patagonia Marathon, aptly known as The Race At The End Of The World. Windspeed clocked 100km/h (headwind, unfortunately), but after a solid battle, another marathon was completed.

Next on the agenda was the Rottnest Island Marathon in Western Australia in October, which was very hot. Then the Seattle Marathon in November, which was cold and wet. The sixth marathon was the Yukon Arctic Ultra which follows the frozen Yukon River and is known as the World’s Coldest Race. Temperatures were -36c on race day, which was a stark contrast to the 7th and final marathon of the challenge, the Kilimanjaro Marathon, where it was around 65 degrees warmer.

Not content with the seven marathons, Laura continues to enter mountain marathons and is now training for her first Ultra’s later this year. Her next goal is to complete the OCC of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc as well as set her sights at going back to Everest to complete the Everest Ultra in 2020.

Laura Jones Everest Marathon