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Kitt Sappe

Kitt has been venturing to the mountains since he was 10, 16 years later and he still loves it and took up telemark skiing roughly 5 years ago.

He manages to get out skiing every year and has been lucky enough to complete a couple of seasons in Val D’Isere, where he was able to get lots of time on the mountain. He's done many ski tests for a well known rental shop in Val D’Isere, and as a result was able to try out a wide variety of different skis and review them. In his spare time he has attended talks on backcountry and avalanche safety and will be completing an avalanche safety course this season too.

When working in the alps he received the award for the most time spent skiing, he would always be out, whatever the weather. He also entered in the mono-ski championships and won his first heat. However, before you give him too much praise, it's not the most serious competition and he was in full 80s attire!

In the future he'd love to make it out to Niseko in Japan, simply because they get so much snow. He'd also love to learn to nose butter once he gets time.

Favourite Place:

He has skied most places in France, a few in Austria and Whistler in Canada, but his favourite resort to ski is Val D'Isere and Tignes. They are high up and there is a decent amount of off-piste to be had without hiking for hours. There are some pretty awesome bars as well.

Kitt Sappe skiing