Julbo Starwind Dark Grey Blue / Cameleon Blue Flash Goggles 2018 / 2019

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Perfect for the ski tourers, the Starwind was created to work just as well on the climb up as it does skiing down. To avoid fogging during accents, the SuperFlow System enables the lens to edge forward away from the frame for greater ventilation, while remaining in place to protect your eyes from the elements. The Reactiv Photochromic Polarized lens tint automatically adjusts in response to changing light conditions and eliminates glare from the sun reflecting off the snow.


Cameleon Blue Flash – The Reactiv Photochromic lens adapts as light conditions change, with a VLT between 5 – 20%, suiting sunny through to cloudy conditions. The Polarized filter also eliminates any glare.

Visual Light Transmission (VLT) refers to the amount of light that penetrates a lens. A low percentage means less light passes through and a higher percentage lets an increased amount of light through. A lens with a lower VLT rating is better for bright conditions, where as one with a higher VLT is more suited for overcast and snowy days.

  • Lens: Cameleon Blue Flash
  • VLT: 5 – 20%
  • Fit: Medium
  • SuperFlow System allows the lens to clip away from the main frame but remain in place while hiking
  • Minimalist frame design and spherical lens offer increased vision and a wide field of view
  • Axis Strap System is a pivoting joint where it meets the frame, giving better helmet compatibility
  • Anti-fog ventilated lens helps keeps your vision clear
  • Dual soft foam provides comfort on the face and a snug fit
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