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Hugo Whalley

Hugo's earliest memories consist of hiking through Scandinavian forests with his family, learning bushcraft skills and spending time in the outdoors.

He has spent several seasons fjall guiding in Northern Sweden and has a variety of qualifications held in navigation and water-sports. Although he has enjoyed his time outdoors he would rather not repeat the week he once spent trapped in an emergency hut on the Kungsleden Trail following the worst conditions the trail had seen at that time of year for over 60 years.

This year he hopes to sharpen his winter sports skills with the ski trips he has planned, along with a spot of ski-touring in Sweden. This will be coupled of course with several UK based winter hiking and mountaineering trips.

Favourite Place:

There is a small collection of huts on the border of Sweden and Norway near Grovelsjon, he considers this his favourite place. It's a two day hike away from any other civilisation and offers an escape from electricity and other such modern amenities. His days here are spent kayaking and fishing whilst the evenings are whiled away in a log-fuelled sauna interrupted only by an occasional dip in the lake to cool off.

Hugo Whalley hiking