Head Men's Supershape e-Magnum Piste Skis + PRD 12 GW Brake 85 Bindings 2021

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This latest incarnation of a serial award winner carries on the trend by taking our Piste Ski of the Year award. Like previous versions it has impressive grip, controlled handling and responsive power. The addition of the EMC has made it even smoother, boosting not only groomed piste performance but also chopped conditions and fresh snow. There aren’t many piste skis that feel so good on marked runs and there aren’t any that deal with other conditions like an e-Magnum.

Terrain Type & Ability Level

Terrain Type
Pistes are the natural home, looking for the space to let loose and push the speed up. The short radius means it loves to ski the fall line and attack tighter spaces, but it it still feels good in wider turn shapes. It is surprisingly good off the side of the pistes too. Sure, it won’t feel as smooth or stable as the all mountain specialists but it will leave the majority of one-dimensional piste models in it’s snow trail.

Skier Type
The Magnum is quite possibly the most popular advanced piste ski of the last few years and this latest version is only going to reinforce that. It’s not a hard ski to use, in fact, it can feel beautifully cruisy when you relax but, to really get the most from it and feel the best sensations, you need push the ski and test its limits.


The 72mm waist is the ideal size for a ski that is going to feel fast from edge to edge and still be able to handle conditions when it gets choppy or there is soft snow about. The contact points are set right in the tip and tail so the effective edge is long, helping with the grip and creating a feel of immediate response when turning.

ERA 3.0 S on the Supershapes uses a speed rocker which, put simply, means the ski has tip rocker and some clever tip design. There is plenty of camber along the skis length for rebound and energy. A targeted rocker at the tip with low rise, progressive radius and vibration absorbing fibres results in superior steering and less angulation is required for immediate response and a smoother ride.

Vertically laminated wood with Graphene and twin Titanal layers. This mix of lightweight but strong materials produces a ski with the most extreme agility and thrilling responsiveness for ultimate performance. Graphene being so light means that thicker and wider Titanal sheets can be used, covering the entirety of the ski to ensure a more reactive and powerful ride.

Head’s Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction is developed with the most sophistacted materials known to man and uses tried and test techniques. The sidewall delivers energy to ski edge precisely for the best grip; the mini cap on top adds durability.

Key Features

Energy Management Circuit, the world’s only electronic ski dampening system. When the ski bends and vibrates, it takes the kinetic energy in the ski and transfers it into electrical energy, which is then used to absorb negative vibrations for a more stable experience. Smooth skiing and exceptional edge grip, whatever the conditions.

Graphene is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. It is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom. By using it in the construction Head can reduce weight and increase strength of the ski.

ERA 3.0
ERA 3.0 is a combination of technologies, shape and geometry using a targeted rocker at the tip with low rise, a progressive radius and vibration absorbing fibres. The rocker improves steering and enhances soft snow versatility. The progressive radius at the tip means that even though there is rocker, less angulation is required to get full edge contact, resulting in better grip. Intellifibers in the tip dampen vibrations for a smoother ride.

EB tester’s comments: Mark (Trainer) I love the way they're not difficult to ski and there's so much performance whether you let the skis run and pick up the speed or slow down and focus on technique. 

Technical Specifications

Size (cm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)

General Information

  • Skier Ability: Advanced/Expert
  • Terrain Type: Piste
  • Rocker: Tip Rocker
  • Radius: Short
  • Base: Sintered
  • Bindings: Integrated, PRD 12 GW
  • DIN: 3.5 - 12
  • Construction: Full Sidewall
  • Core: Wood, Carbon, Titanal Laminate, Graphene
  • Demo: Yes
  • Sizing Description: Chin to nose height is ideal for quick responses and easy handling. Go longer for extra stability and wider, bigger turns.
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