Full Tilt Men's Drop Kick Ski Boots 2019 / 2020

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The Drop Kick is the original freestyle option for skiers looking for the ultimate boot in any terrain from park to cliffs to bumps or high-speed groomers.

The shell uses the Original design, with a 99mm last, meaning good foothold and precise ski control. The 3-piece construction ensures a super-smooth flex and removes any bottoming-out or blocking that you can get with a 2-piece alpine boot, making it perfect for landing jumps and drops, giving you the natural movement to remain balanced and able to absorb shocks. The flex 6 is equivalent to a 90 flex, ideal for use in the park when pressing and buttering but with enough support to ski the rest of the mountain with control. Finishing off this shock absorbing set-up is a soft rubber layer in the bottom of the shell that dampens vibrations and smoothes out shocks.

As well as the shell which can be heat moulded, the Classic Tongue Intuition liner is fully mouldable too, ensuring the best shape and comfort, whilst also being exceptionally light and impressively warm. To complete the customisation both the forward lean and cuff alignment can be adjusted, the tongue can be swapped for different flexes (sold separately) and the cables and buckles can be easily replacedif damaged.

Flex 90 (FT Flex 6)

Last Width 99mm

Custom Shell Y

Custom Liner Y

Power Strap 40mm

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