Socks are perhaps the most important footwear you’ll ever buy. However good your boots or shoes are, a bad pair of socks can ruin your day. Cotton socks absorb sweat and will quickly feel wet next to your skin, causing discomfort and an increased risk of blistering. Cotton should therefore be avoided at all costs.

By contrast, performance ski socks and walking socks are made from a wicking material such as merino wool or a synthetic fibre. These fabrics draw moisture away from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and comfortable. Cushioning will be zoned under the heel and ball of the foot to provide shock absorption, while strategic use of thinner mesh zones helps keep feet cooler and anatomical design gives a really great fit.

Smartwool socks fuse high-tech design with merino wool, creating perhaps the best socks available. Our large range of technical socks includes walking socks, running socks, ski socks and snowboard socks.