Having the correct foot support is crucial, particularly over longer walks, treks or expeditions, and our range of insoles and custom footbeds ensure this is catered for effectively. Studies have shown that the majority of us have less-than-perfect anatomic structure in our feet - a side-effect of poor support in casual footwear - so our bodyweight is focussed on the wrong areas. Many of us 'pronate' or 'supinate' our feet and ankles to compensate, meaning our joints from feet to hip are out of alignment in one way or another resulting in fatigue and discomfort that can resonate through the spine. With only a small percentage of people having anatomically ideal feet, it comes as small surprise that many suffer from foot pain, especially after a long day on the trail or the slopes.

Orthotic insoles and footbeds are the ideal choice for walking boots, running shoes, ski boots and snowboard boots, providing that extra support for those with shallow or collapsed arches or low-volume feet and preventing the onset of aches and pains.

Our range includes both insoles that you can simply cut to size, and custom footbeds that require you to visit one of our stores to have them heat moulded to the precise shape of your foot for perfect biomechanical reinforcement.

Custom ski boot insoles and footbeds are considered a standard part of the ski boot purchasing process, as manufacturers are unable to produce a perfect universal fit, but the benefits can be enormous.

With insoles and custom footbeds from the world’s leading brands including Superfeet and Conform’able, our range provides the very best in additional footwear support. For more advice about any of our insoles and footbeds, please get in touch with one of our staff experts or visit an Ellis Brigham Store.



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