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Time for Family Edventure

Time for Family Edventure
14 September 2016 No comments

"Screw work (and school); it's time for family EdVenture!"


Racks Bar & Grill
21st September
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Tickets: £5

Two years ago the Meek family decided to escape the rut of everyday life: working too hard and not spending enough time together doing the things they all enjoyed. So they hit the road in search of education, adventure and a life that values doing more than having - and they haven't looked back since.

During this talk the Meek family will offer insights and advice to others based on their experiences (and mistakes), and whilst doing so cover some of the following themes:

  • How to focus more on the 5 to 9, not the 9 to 5 and enjoy more fulfilment
  • Why kids really need to get out more
  • Why disposable time is the most valuable of commodities (so spend it wisely)
  • If you live for the weekends, then you at least should make them worth living for
  • How to have mini BIG adventures and reach new heights (often literally)

Come and join us, ask questions, and find out how a brave decision to live differently has opened lots of doors and presented exciting opportunities that they never could have expected.

Our family motto is that 'Adventure is out there; you just have to go and find it.'

Why? Well, life's too short not to… isn't it?

** freebies and spot give-aways… plus the odd free book!

About the Meek Family

A couple of years ago the Meek family (Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella) were unknown, an ordinary family living an ordinary life. In the last few years, their story has attracted attention worldwide, appearing in National and International papers around the world, on radio and TV. The Meek family have collectively written and produced three books, each containing ideas for mini family adventures in the outdoors. The family document their activities on their website (dotrythisathome.com) and often write blogs about the merits of spending time together outside. All four get invited to talk at festivals, hoping to inspire others to get out and find adventure. Their love of the outdoors has also led to them becoming Ordnance Survey Get Outside champions. Last year, Tim encapsulated their philosophy to life and the reasons for the decisions that they made in a Radio Four Fourthought at Hay Literary festival.

The Meeks are living what they preach. Their belief that spending time together as a family, enjoying the outdoors and pushing their comfort zones is played out on a regular basis. The family now live in a six-berth Elddis motorhome, having sold their house and given up their jobs two years ago. In the summer of 2014 they set off for a year of ed-venture, touring the UK in a caravan, exploring the country and educating their girls along. A year was just not long enough and since the whole family are loving their new lifestyle it is continuing.