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My Wild Camp - James Warner Smith

My Wild Camp - James Warner Smith
15 April 2021

Photos: James Warner Smith

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James Warner Smith joins us to talk about his wild camping experiences across Europe and how it's unlocked the opportunity to see and explore places he would never have found. As James says in his new book Almost Wild Camping ‘ditch the car, grab your gear and find your pitch…’

James is living proof that the ‘wild way’ is the best way. After school he canoed the Yukon River (Whitehorse–Dawson City), After university he canoed 2,000+ miles from France to Black Sea (finishing by walking the last 500 miles to Istanbul). During this 4 month trip he wild camped through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

James Warner Smith

James is now the editor of Cool Camping’s best-selling guidebook series, including dedicated guides to the best campsites in Britain and in France. In his latest book, Almost Wild Camping, he focuses specifically on the wildest campsites in the UK. In his spare time James likes to run, cycle, canoe and climb (when I'm able to get somewhere mountainous)... as well as camping, of course!

James will share his tips on how to wild camp the right way and even provide some inspiration on places to visit.