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Champion Ski & Snowboard League

Champion Ski & Snowboard League
13 April 2016 No comments

Ellis Brigham are throwing their support behind a brand new format of freestyle competition across the UK's ski slopes: the Championship Ski & Snowboard league.

The first snowsports competition of its kind in the world, Championship Ski and Snowboard (CSS), is a brand new competition league where crews representing local slopes will go head to head with other teams from across the UK.

CSS will see crews submit videos of their best tricks filmed at their local indoor or dryslope scene. Footage will then be judged by a panel, scored and edited into "matches" which will then be live on the CSS website and shared across social media.

The CSS concept is the brainchild of Hamish McKnight, head snowboard coach of the GB Park and Pipe Team, who wanted to create a platform where young freestyle talent could be showcased and allowed to thrive. The league provides the opportunity for freestyle snowsport communities to compete against each other, without the cost of having to travel to competitions.

How Chamionship Ski & Snowboard Works

  • Rounds are held monthly, with the first one taking place in May 2016.
  • Entrants are given a 10 day match window to film for each round.
  • In each round, every snowboarder or skier will have to complete a kicker trick, rail trick and an "EX" trick. The EX trick will be judged solely upon execution with consideration of creativity not technical difficulty.
  • Each team or 'crew' will need a coach/manager to liaise with CSS. A team of four must include one female and one young gun who is under 15, as well as two others. Crews can have more than 4 team members, however only the best footage of four skiers/snowboarders footage within the above age and gender parameters should be submitted.
  • The CSS judges will then look at the footage and score the tricks, considering difficulty, execution, amplitude, and landing.
  • The footage will be edited by the CSS team. Video edits will then be live on the CSS website and shared on social media.
  • Overall winners will be announced after all rounds have taken place. The top teams will be invited to live finals taking place at major UK ski and snowboard events in October.

For full details, head straight to the CSS Website or to enter a team, contact Josie on 07989 538044 or email at josie@cssleague.co.uk.