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Calum Muskett: Big Rock, Bigger Hills

Calum Muskett: Big Rock, Bigger Hills
24 March 2015 No comments

Calum Muskett in association with RAB

London | Bristol | Manchester

*Regrettably this event has now been postponed to Autumn 2015*Calum Muskett recounts his journey from the crags of North Wales to some of the most revered mountains and big walls in the world. The progression wasn't always a smooth one with daft and cringe worthy moments such as leaving the car keys five pitches up one of the most difficult routes in the Dolomites. Now 21, Calum feels like he is beginning to get the hang of climbing but remains unsure if wisdom really does come with age.

Tickets £8

Monday 23rd March - Covent Garden 8pm

Wednesday 25th March – Bristol 7.30pm

Thursday 26th March – Manchester 7.00pm