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Alone in Antarctica Talk

Alone in Antarctica Talk
21 October 2013 No comments

At the end of November 2011, Felicity Aston set off from the coast of Antarctica on the Ross Ice Shelf to cross the entire continent on skis by herself. Ahead of her was a 1744km (1084 mile) journey through the Transantarctic mountains, across the Polar Plateau to the South Pole then on to the far coast of Antarctica.

The physical challenges of the 59-day journey are astonishing but it is the mental hardships that Felicity describes that are the most memorable. The crushing solitude and emotional turmoil that she experienced on a daily basis resulted in an appreciation of the details of the environment around her and a rather strange relationship with the sun!

In association with Mountain Equipment and Powertraveller we are pleased to present Felicity Aston – Alone In Antarctica on 21st October from 7.30pm at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Covent Garden.

In this captivating presentation Felicity will talk about the mental toughness required and the physical challenges that she endured to realise her goal of becoming the first woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone.

Felicity’s new book Alone In Antarctica is out now and is available for purchase here or on the night when she will be happy to sign copies.