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Adventure Activists Tour With Patagonia

Adventure Activists Tour With Patagonia
5 October 2017 No comments

The Adventure Activists Tour kicks off at our Ellis Brigham, Covent Garden store on 5th October 2017. Join us to hear stories of wild adventure from round-the-world explorer Sarah Outen and to listen to charismatic filmmaker Jack Harries recount his first-hand experience witnessing the effects of our changing climate.

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The Speakers

Sarah Outen

Image Source: Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen MBE is a British adventurer and author who has looped the world on human power alone. Having spent months alone at sea - she has witnessed the impact plastic pollution is having on our planet.

Moving, uplifting and inspiring - Sarah has wowed Kendal Mountain Festival's audience in previous events and we are looking forward to hearing from her on the Tour.

Jack Harries

Jack Harries began filmmaking through JacksGap, an online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling a good story.

Through the success of his blog and video projects, Jack realised he had the opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues and now campaigns against climate change.

The Adventure Activists Tour is created by Kendal Mountain Festival in partnership with Patagonia. The event will culminate in a showing of Patagonia's fantastic Fish People film.