The days of leather ski boots and badly fitting rear-entry ones are long gone. Modern boots use custom heat-moulded liners and carefully sculptured anatomical plastic shells that match foot shapes –it’s even possible to custom heat-mould the shell, to match it to the skier's foot.

We carry an in-depth selection from intermediate right up to expert level, covering 7 brands and many different budgets, with a wide choice of men's and women's. The big names like Salomon and Atomic are included as are smaller, less well known brands like Full Tilt . There are all-mountain, comfort-orientated, freeride and even freestyle ski boots.

Having lots of choice and heat moulded shells is only part of the picture. What sets us apart from other shops is our staff and their knowledge gained from our industry leading training. Visit our SUREfit page for more information on how we constantly train and develop new techniques for boot fitting and how that helps you select your perfect pair. Because each pair needs to be customised for your feet, we strongly recommend that you visit one of our stores and talk to an expert fitter before taking to the piste.



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