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Dom Ainsley

If anyone epitomises the LIVE.BREATHE.OUTDOORS ethos it’s 23-year-old Dom Ainsley.

Dom is a climber and mountaineer who has been in and around the mountains his whole life, but recently developed an idea for a series of endurance events that would really challenge him physically and mentally in the hills.

After months of training in the Alps and UK Dom has now set himself the challenge in February 2020 to attempt a new winter record for the 214 Wainwright’s. He aims to break the current main record set in July 2019 which currently stands at 6 days 6 hours. The Wainwright’s are a collection of peaks which cover 520km and 120,000ft ascent over 214 mountains. This double feat has not been done before and he hopes to make history in doing so! After that in 2021/22, he will be setting his sights on all the 4000ers of the alps! Stay tuned...’


Dom Ainsleyt Action Shot