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Outdoor Adventure Guide Competition

Outdoor Adventure Guide Competition
21 March 2014 No comments

Ellis Brigham and Outdoor Adventure Guide (OAG) are teaming up to find a 'reader adventure' to be published in their next issue!

OAG is a multi-activity magazine bursting with adventures, covering everything from massive journeys with epic photography, via high-adrenalin activities like adventure racing, rock climbing and mountain biking, right the way through to multi-day hikes, kayaking trips and nights out camping with the kids, plus the gear you need to make it happen.

This is your chance to tell Ellis Brigham and OAG what you've been up to and be published in a highly-respected outdoor magazine.

Fall Line Outdoor Adventure Guide is back

We're looking for...

  • Roughly 500 ­- 1000 words on an adventure you've done. It could be anything from a cycle tour of your local pubs, to a two-week kayak trip down the Yukon. We're not picky; we just want to hear what you've been up to!
  • High resolution, good quality photos of your adventure so we can print them alongside your article.

How to Enter:

To enter email mary@fall-line.co.uk with the subject line 'Reader Adventure' with a synopsis or full version of your story, plus a selection of great photos to go with it.

Post your entries before March 28th to be the first issue, or April 28th for the second.