For over 80 years, we have been equipping the outdoor community with rucksacks to see them through every adventure. In that time we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge and the skills required to help you choose a pack that fits properly and does what you need.

From sized back systems and customisable torso lengths to women’s specific packs that offer enhanced comfort, our adaptable range makes it easy to find your perfect fit.

The SUREfit Guarantee

The SUREfit Guarantee is our commitment to service of the highest quality, so when you visit one of our stores you can know that you’ll be properly fitted for your next adventure. Our in-store experts will guide you through a comprehensive selection and fitting process that ensures you leave our store confident that you have the right product for the task ahead.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we want you to be confident that when you make a purchase from Ellis Brigham the in-store care, attention and expertise is backed up by after sales care and support. From stretching and modifying ski boots to helping fine-tune the fit of your pack for your next big trip, we are on hand to help.

For more information about the SUREfit guarantee, and how it relates to your ski boot, footwear or rucksack purchase, get in touch with our customer services team or speak to our expert staff in-store.

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