Our SUREfit programme has been developed over many years. It is both a way of fitting and a system of training; for ski boots, outdoor footwear and rucksacks. From seminars and coursework to brand training and product testing, the SUREfit programme ensures Ellis Brigham staff have the skills and knowledge needed to help you find the best product for your needs.

At Ellis Brigham, we recognise that to achieve the perfect fit, our SUREfit process needs to be all-encompassing. Whether you are buying ski boots for a backcountry adventure, or a backpack for the daily commute, our fitting service starts the same way. We begin by assessing your needs, using your intended activities and ability level to help narrow down our extensive range.

Then we move on to body shape; for ski boots and outdoor footwear, we look at your foot shape and biomechanics, while for rucksacks we measure your torso. By taking medical history and previously owned products into consideration, we gain additional insight into your needs, allowing us to pinpoint the models that best match your requirements. Through the use of measurements, adjustments and checks throughout the fitting process, we help you to achieve the perfect fit.