Based on a climbing heritage that started in Sheffield UK in 1981, Rab® is a brand developed with a passion for the outdoors which pioneers technical and innovative products to give users freedom and protection in the most extreme conditions in the world.

Rab's mission is to continue to be the brand of choice for dedicated mountain enthusiasts. Rab's commitment and dedication to mountaineering heritage fuels product development and ensures that they remain committed to alpinists, mountaineers, polar explorers and all mountain enthusiasts and adventurers.

Watch the series of videos that we Rab® created to give an insight into what goes into to producing down filled clothing and equipment for the most extreme conditions in the world.

Has lightweight down clothing made mountaineering more dangerous? from Rab on Vimeo.

Design, Testing and Development from Rab on Vimeo.

Technology and Construction from Rab on Vimeo.

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