Ride, Protect & Share, these three words represent the essence of who Picture is: a snowboard, ski, surf, and outdoor clothing brand who, while not taking itself too seriously, still want to effect change.

At a time when the textile industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions and where the climate crisis has reached its peak, we all have our role to play to make a difference. Since Picture started in 2008, its always sought to push one step further to minimize its impact on the environment. Its commitment to a sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-responsible approach covers every aspect of its business, from the supply chain, to manufacturing, to shipping.

To reduce the consequences doing business has on both the climate and people, Picture needs to wipe out their dependence on fossil fuels. Curbing their impact on the environment and limiting growth, changing conventional production models, and promoting reasonable consumption are all key pillars of this evolution.

Picture TechnologyPicture Technology


From freeride to freestyle through backcountry and touring, the Picture outerwear collection offers the most adapted technical and eco-designed outfits for riding sessions with friends all season long! The entire range is designed to suit all practices thanks to the different technologies (insulation, water repellency, etc.) used on each outfit for optimal performance.

Picture SustainabilityPicture Sustainability


For Picture, limiting the impact of production by assessing each step in the supply chain and requiring the right corrective measures makes all the difference. Every product is made using recycled, organic, or bio-sourced materials. From the cotton fields to the factory where the products are made, by way of delivery through maritime shipping, every step in the manufacturing process has a sustainability goal.

Picture HistoryImage


"Fighting climate change through our passion for boardsports and great outdoors, this is our mission.”
Julien, Jérémy, Vincent: Picture’s co-founders.

A story of three lifelong best friends from different backgrounds. Chasing a childhood dream and united by a shared passion for boardsports and the desire to create something that reflected their identity, they founded Picture in 2008 with a very clear vision: a new design, a new philosophy and a new way of thinking.

Picture Bio SourcingImage


Picture is always looking for new solutions to wipe out their dependence on fossil fuels. Bio-sourcing represents one of these solutions: it means creating a fabric partially made with plant material such as sugar cane or castor beans. The brand then introduced new benchmark in sustainable, technical outerwear with new advanced eco-friendly outfits! Today, bio-sourcing represents 60% of the outerwear collection.

Lifetime Repair WarrantyLifetime Repair Warranty


Picture's products are designed to last you as long as possible. Repairing increases the durability of the product and reduces its impact. Since 2020, the lifetime repair warranty is part of a global approach to sobriety initiated by Picture, through the reduction of energy needs and the modification of consumption patterns.

The outerwear, layering and backpacks ranges are currently concerned by this program, but Picture doesn’t intend to stop there and wanted to go further and its products always more sustainable.


Picture logoPicture logo

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