nordica ski logo and landscapenordica ski logo and landscape


Nordica is an Italian manufacturer founded in Montebelluna in 1939. With more than 80 years of experience crafting skis and ski boots they have a heritage of excellence in the industry. Based now in Giavera del Montello, endorses some of the most important professional skiers in the World Cup, such as Dominik Paris, Alex Vinatzer and Andreja Slokar. Along with its racing heritage, Nordica is also a benchmark in all-mountain and freeride world.

nordica technologynordica technology


Innovation has always been primary for Nordica R&D. With the latest HF and Speedmachine 3 they have raised the bar again with their innovative technologies, like Infrared customization and the unique Handsfree entry and exit.

nordica sustainabilitynordica sustainability


When old ski boots reach the end of their usable life, they often end up in a dump or are burned in waste-to-energy plants. Nordica want to make it possible for anyone who wants to get a new pair of ski boots, to return their old ones, from any brand. Nordica will recycle the old pair completely, in a transparent and sustainable process.

Nordica historyNordica history


Nordica has had a prominent role in ski racing history since the victories of pioneer Zeno Colò, through the Valanga Azzurra phenomenon during the 70s to the modern day. Nordica have also reached the top of Olympic and World Cup podiums with Pirmin Zurbriggen, Kjetil André Aamodt, Andre Myhrer and Felix Neureuther, to name just a few.

Nordica HFNordica HF


Building on 80 years of innovation, Nordica have redefined the concept of modern ski boots to cater to those who just want to keep skiing. Extremely intuitive, stepping in and out of the new HF boot is as easy as sliding in and out of your favorite slippers. Never before has performance brought so much comfort. BLISSFUL COMFORT, EPIC PERFORMANCE!

Nordica Enforcer Unlimited SkisNordica Enforcer Unlimited Skis


Pursue your thirst for adventure with Nordica’s Enforcer Unlimited skis. With an emphasis on performance and versatility, they infuse Nordica’s award-winning Enforcer design with game-changing uphill capabilities. Thanks to a lighter carbon construction, these all-mountain touring skis are especially easy to maneuver. And while they’re destined to be a favorite among active skiers who earn their turns, they’re also perfect for those looking for a lighter version of the Enforcer that’s especially easy to ski. Whether you’re making turns before work, lapping the lift with friends, or venturing to untracked peaks, the Unlimited tames it all with confidence.


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