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Founded by Jeremy Moon in 1995 in New Zealand, icebreaker had a different idea. An idea big enough to challenge an outdoor industry dominated by companies using plastics and synthetics, with a new, different and sustainable way of thinking, doing and making. Inspired by nature, the idea was to harness the incredible capabilities of natural fibres, to make simple, beautiful, high-quality clothing, that would inspire and enable people in their adventures, and in their everyday life. icebreaker set out to do this with a determination. They run their company, they make clothes with care, with responsibility and integrity, in every part of the process, from fibres to garment. It’s a different way of thinking and behaving that still drives their business today and it runs through every product that they make.

icebreaker sustainabilityicebreaker sustainability


icebreaker works with the best that nature provides to produce the finest natural performance solution possible. icebreaker’s wool is ethically sourced and offers the best of merino wool benefits such as: Natural body temperature regulation, odour resistance, breathability and a natural softness.

icebreaker sustainabilityicebreaker sustainability


Awarded an A+ rating in the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report, icebreaker continues to challenge the status quo while championing natural, transparent and sustainable ways to do business. Choosing icebreaker means choosing nature and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.

Icebreaker historyicebreaker history


Natural performance apparel company icebreaker believes nature has the answers. For over 25 years, the New Zealand-based brand has worked with what nature provides to create high-performing outdoor clothing in merino and other natural fibers, as an alternative to plastic-based synthetic apparel.

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Plastic against your skin? Really? icebreaker believes there is a better way and nature has the answers. Discover the comfort of 100% natural fibres.


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