Know Before You Go - Travel Advice

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports is an official retail partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Know Before You Go campaign. The campaign has been set up to help British travellers stay safe overseas, so before you head out on an international adventure, check out their website at It is packed with essential travel advice and up-to-date country information.

With a team of highly experienced travel experts, we can provide sound advice on the equipment, clothing and travel essentials needed to make any journey a success, no matter how intrepid. Here you will find useful links to travel advice, kit lists for various expeditions, staff tips and advice on health & safety whilst travelling.

Mosquito NetFrom the bustle of a Moroccan medina to the vast windswept vistas of New Zealand’s National Parks, the varied nature of world travel offers an array of experiences to the adventure traveller. As travelling itineraries have become increasingly exotic and diverse so the equipment required to ensure safe, enjoyable trips has had to evolve. Travel packs and accessories have developed to offer the versatility needed to cope with very different demands placed upon them by contrasting environs encountered during world travel.

Mosquito RepellentTravel to remote locations also requires careful consideration of health and safety implications and a sophisticated range of products now exists to aid travellers to combat everything from disease-carrying insects and suspect water sources to unscrupulous pick pockets. It is always worth checking what immunisations you might need and what the water quality is like well in advance of visiting an unfamiliar country as some vaccinations can take weeks to become effective.

Ellis Brigham stock a full range of insect repellents and mosquito protection, water filtration systems and first aid kits so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

Our Top 5 Travel TIps

  • Always take wet wipes and hand sanitiser – a traveller’s best friend – 1001 uses!! 
  • When taking a rucksack travelling, use the waterproof cover at the airport to protect all its buckles in transit 
  • Colour scan your passport, visa and medical certificates (eg. vaccinations) and then email it to yourself.  That way, you always have a permanent back-up copy. 
  • For peace of mind and safety Pacsafe produce a great range of security devices that are ideal for inter railing, airport travel and market place visits – hiding valuables, chaining possessions and deterring thieves.
  • Use dry bags or pack-It cubes to organise your gear (Consider different colours for wet and dry clothing and accessories/food) this will help with quick and easy location of items on the move as well as protecting them.