How to Write the Perfect Product Review

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Product reviews on are a great opportunity for you to help other Ellis Brigham customers make the right choice when selecting your outdoor clothing and gear. They're intended to provide an objective customer viewpoint that helps advise through first-hand experience in the outdoors. Keeping to this simple guide should ensure that your review is approved and as helpful as possible to other customers.

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Product Review Example

Star Ratings

Ratings are there to help customers make a quick and informed decision, so ensure your review and star rating accurately reflect each other.
Use this as an easy guide.
★★★★★ – A perfect item, exceeding expectations and performing flawlessly
★★★★ – A great product, but with room for small improvements
★★★ – A good item, performing as expected
★★ – The product didn't quite meet expectations
★ – Poor, the product did not perform as expected

What to include:

What conditions did you test your purchase in?
Consider what weather and performance level your piece of kit is intended for, and if you can, review it after you've been out in these conditions so you can provide a fair assessment.

Details and features
Including the finer points makes a review much more helpful for other customers. If you think a pair of walking boots are great, explain what features really make them stand out for you. Equally, if something didn't perform as hoped, give details why.
We list key product features and benefits on every product, but maybe you found some were particularly useful on the hill, or some that could do with improvement.
Things to include might be:

  • Zips/Lacing systems
  • Weight
  • Fabric feel
  • Construction details
  • Pockets
  • The hood fit/function
  • Adjustability
  • Additional features such as a raincover on a rucksack
If a product fell short of expectations, discuss why, and how it could be improved. Be constructive – a shortcoming for you could be a benefit for someone else!

The Fit/ Sizing
While we provide size charts for our clothing and footwear brands, there will always be some variation between how sizes come up as body and foot shapes differ. Mention your body type/ measurements and how a garment fitted you – was a jacket slim-fitting or more accommodating? Did your gloves feel a bit too short? How did your boots fit?
Simple information like this can really help others ensure they're making the perfect selection.

What to leave out:

Comments on service
Please keep your reviews focussed solely on the product. But, we love to hear feedback about our customer service and welcome all comments good (or bad). If you'd like to provide feedback on our service, please contact us directly so that we can help, or feel free to review your online shopping experience on TrustPilot. Similarly, please do not mention competitors.

Comments on price
We stock a wide range of premium, high-performance brands and always provide the best price possible. We may go into sale or run a special offer, so a price could be subject to change.

Comments about Faulty or Damaged items
We only supply premium brands that have been tried and tested to strict standards, but occasionally a fault may occur in manufacturing - even in products from the best brands. If you do encounter a faulty item that us still within warranty, please visit our returns page and contact our customer service team.

Personal details
Please don't include any personal contact details in your review. Swearing or abusive language will result in your review being deleted.

Ellis Brigham Staff Reviews

At the start of each season, our expert staff may review products such as skis, offering further insight into how they perform and who they're best suited to. These are kept as objective as possible and are there purely to help our customers make the right decision on their equipment choices.