Rab are often a brand at the top of their class when it comes to innovation in the outdoors and their Mythic Sleeping Bag Range doesn’t disappoint.

Designed to offer the best in warmth to weight ratio, each element of construction has been carefully considered to ensure superior performance in keeping you comfortable without weighing you down when on the move.

The Mythic 200 has won the UK Outdoor Industry Award 2018 Sleeping Category. There was over 100 products entered into the awards and the winner was selected by a combination of both public vote and expert judges.

Mythic Sleeping Bag Features

Mythic 200


Mythic 400


Mythic 600

  • 220g of 900 Fill Down
  • Comfort 6°C
  • Limit 1°C
  • Extreme -13°C
  • Total weight: 475g

Rab Mythic 200 Sleeping Bag

  • 400g of 900 Fill Down
  • Comfort -1°C
  • Limit -6°C
  • Extreme -24°C
  • Total weight: 660g

Rab Mythic 400 Sleeping Bag

  • 600g of 900 Fill Down
  • Comfort -5°C
  • Limit -12°C
  • Extreme -32°C
  • Total weight: 885g

Rab Mythic 600 Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Pertex Quantum 7 denier nylon, 22g/m²
  • 900 Fill Power European Down
  • Trapezoidal, box-wall construction with chevron shaped chambers
  • Ergonomically shaped neck Down tube to seal in warmth
  • Differential cut
  • 2-way, Vislon 3 main zip

Pertex Quantum 7 Denier Nylon

pertex logo

Offering a perfect balance between weight and durability this fabric helps to keep weight to an absolute minimum without sacrificing on performance. Coming in at a mere 22g/m² it is ultralight and has been double calendered to ensure stability and down-retention. Calendering of a fabric means that it passes through hot and heavy rollers to seal and strengthen the weave.

900 Fill Power European Down

down insulation

900 fill power European sourced and processed Down is likely not something you’ll come across every day. It is fine, warm and resilient enough to withstand repeated packing and use while the hydrophobic treatment, developed in conjunction with Nikwax, offers excellent water repellency to help maintain loft in damp conditions and promote faster drying times.

Differential Cut

differential cut allowing loft of insulation

In order for down insulation to perform it needs space to loft and trap the air. In many sleeping bags the outer and inner are cut the same size, however, the Mythic range utilises a differential cut which takes into account many different factors, including baffle height, fill weight and fill power, to ensure the down has just the right amount of space to loft. This also helps keep the weight down due to less fabric being used.

Trapezoidal, Box-Wall Construction with Chevron Shaped Chambers

sleeping bag baffles

The box-wall construction of a sleeping bag helps to reduce cold spots - when you add in a trapezoidal cross section heat retention is further advanced due to there being a consistent spread of down throughout the bag. The chevron shaped chambers of the sleeping bag help to keep the down exactly where it should be instead of running the risk of down migrating to the sides of the bag leaving cold spots on the top.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking to take the absolute minimal weight on overnight trips without being willing to sacrifice your comfort, this is a great option. The award winning range covers year-round adventures so you can choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Rab Mythic Sleeping Bag Range


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