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Think festival: think Glasto, Reading, Leeds, knee-deep quagmires, terrible toilets and trashed tents, right? But how about climbing, caving, mountain biking, and proper camping?

Each year the UK hosts some amazing (adventure) festivals and 2018 is no exception. This summer we'll be heading out to enjoy what the best of them have to offer. From film festivals to all-out-try-every-outdoor-activity-festivals - we can't wait to soak up the atmosphere, get inspired and get out there. It's always good to get holiday suggestions from a trusted source - so here's are our staff and friends 5 best adventure festivals:

Wilderness Gathering | Wiltshire | 16th - 19 September

Lightweight tents built to For all those interested in Bushcraft, survival and primitive living skills and music, you can enjoy four days of knowledge sharing, across 30 acres of oak woodland, in a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere.


Yestival | Brinsbury Campus near Pulborough, West Sussex | 19-21 October

Yestival is the creation of adventurer of Dave Cornthwaite and is taking place at Brinsbury Agricultural Centre on the 19th to 21at October 2017. The festival is one big weekend of camping filled with motivation, positivity and the opportunity to share, listen and create plenty of fresh ideas. Speakers. Musicians. Comedians. Project Awesome. Woodland Walks. An Autumnal recharge to power you through the winter, and beyond! Come along and connect with like-minded adventurers and be inspired!


The North Face Mountain Festival | Trentino, Italy | 27-29 July

‘A festival for the adventurous’ and the setting couldn’t be more adventurous, Basecamp is located in Val San Nicolò, a magnificent valley branching off the Val di Fassa in one of Italy’s most famous mountain regions – The Dolomites. It’s a weekend full of adventure where you can climb, hike, run guided by The North Face athletes. There is also canyoning, rafting and paragliding. You can learn new skills from gear preparation to photography and cooking up a wilderness feast.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival | London | 10-12 August | Scotland Inverewe | 21-23 September

This festival made our top 5 last year and with films, workshops and fantastic speakers it’s easy to see why it’s back again. The festival showcases ‘Interesting, unusual, independently-made travel documentaries’. Speakers include Steph Jeavons, Rebecca Lowe, James Greenwood and more.


Camp Wild Fire Adventure Camp | Pine Forest, Kent| 31 Aug-03 Sep

This award winning festival is a bustling adventure camp of expedition, bushcraft and adventure sports with music and creativity thrown in. We love the fact that this festival is about disconnecting from technology. At the door you surrender your gadgets so you can experience all that the weekend has to offer without the distraction of your mobile phone. The festival boasts over 80 activities including paddleboarding, rocket building, astronomy, rambling and fire lighting.


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