Words by: Paul Tierney - inov-8 test athlete

The all-new Terraultra G 260 features graphene-enhanced rubber to deliver the world's toughest grip on hard-packed trails. Combine that with next-generation underfoot technology that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness, is the Terraultra G 260 really designed so you can run forever?

Experienced trail runner Paul Tierney tests out these high-tech shoes.

Initial Thoughts About The Shoe

They fit really well with a nice roomy toe box, which I like in a long-distance shoe. Nice and flexible which is also a big plus for me. A little too much cushioning for me personally but over longer distances, I’d probably appreciate this.

Key Features

  • World's toughest grip: Utilising the world's strongest material, graphene-enhanced rubber is 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.
  • EXTEROFIT upper adapts to the natural movement and swelling of the foot when running longer distances.
  • Zero/0mm drop (9mm heel/9mm forefoot) promotes the best natural form for the athlete with largest range of motion in the ankle joint.
  • EXTEROFLOW midsole minimises shock impact and delivers high levels of energy return without compromising on ground feel.
  • Dynamic Fascia Band (DFB) technology provides an underfoot kick of energy for faster, more efficient running.
  • Durable lightweight upper: super-tough, breathable mesh with Kevlar overlays for increased durability.

How Did It Perform?

Foot protection: 8

This shoe offers loads of protection both above and below. The cushioning provided by the EXTEROFLOW midsole means you can glide over the lumps and bumps, whilst the Kevlar upper is tough enough to ward off sharp rocks/roots and feels like it would last a long time.

Traction: 8

The tread allows me to change direction easily and with confidence. Not as aggressive lugs as the Mudclaw but for hard pack trails, there’s loads of grip to propel you forward.

Stability: 8

The strong uppers wrap around the feet in a comfortable yet secure fit so I have confidence when the terrain becomes more extreme.

Comfort: 8

The shoe has a wide toe box which provides plenty of room when your feet start to expand. The soft breathable mesh kept my feet cool and the EXTEROFLOW midsole helps to absorb big impacts on fast descents.

Sensitivity/ Trail Feel: 7

The cushioning does take away a little of the sensitivity, but you’ll be thanking you have it when you start to clock up more miles on the trail.

Materials: 9

By far the most high-tech, futuristic materials I’ve ever seen in a running shoe. From the graphene-enhanced rubber, which is 50% stronger and harder wearing, to the super tough mesh with Kevlar overlays, these shoes give me the confidence that they will last a long time and won’t deteriorate nearly as fast as other shoes.

Weight: 8

At 260g it’s not ultra-light but with all the technology they’ve packed into this one, it is certainly impressive for weight. The extra comfort and stability make it perfect for more long-distance or training runs where weight isn’t so much of an issue.

Aesthetics: 9

The bold green with the contrasting black makes these shoes really stand out. I really like the tread as well which often gets ignored during the style phase with a coloured ‘rib-like’ line embedded into the grip creates a green flash to everyone running behind.

Overall verdict

I really like the shoes and I think these would be a great choice for anyone doing long trail races on Alpine-like terrain. They also perform well on the road and I wouldn’t have any issue doing some road miles in them.

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