If your ski trips are anything like ours, then we're pretty sure you're going to be falling over a few times and be picking up a couple of bumps and bruises along the way. Thankfully these are only superficial and will disappear within a week or so. Impacts to your head can be a lot more serious, and adequate protection is vital to minimise the risk of injury to your brain.

Giro’s Union MIPS encompasses everything a modern helmet should be – advanced protection your head that's light, comfortable and breathable.

Key Features

  • Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting
  • In Form Fit System
  • Vertical Tuning
  • Stack Venting
  • In Form Fit System
  • MIPS
  • In-Mould Construction
  • Seamless Compatibility With All Giro Goggles
  • XT2 Anti-Odor Padding
  • CE EN1077 Certification


Giro Union Helmet

MIPS has been around for a few years now and is an integral part of the protection any helmet provides. A lightweight internal liner is attached the body of the helmet that allows the outer shell to rotate (independently of your head) upon impact; distributing the force and reducing the torsional stress.

An in-mould manufacturing process adds further protection, fusing a tough polycarbonate outer shell with a foam liner -improving impact absorption and penetration strength.

Custom Fit System

A dial-fit wheel adjusts the inner liner to the circumference of your head, and an innovative vertical tuning system adds further customisation. The latter ensures that the helmet fits over your head rather than on top of it protecting all areas and removing any goggle gap.


Giro Union Helmet

When you're working hard on the hill, a powerful trifecta of venting technology keeps you cool.

Giro has strategically placed vents around the helmet to draw in the most air possible and designed the shape of these openings to aid the process. One of the really impressive features is the Stack Ventilation. It works in tandem with your goggles, guiding hot air from the top of them up through the helmet and away. This helps to keep your goggles fog-free and clear.

Controlling all this clever venting is a glove-friendly switch that lets you quickly adjust the flow of air. This is particularly useful on frosty mornings when you want to stay as warm as possible then in the afternoon, you can open the vents and prevent yourself from overheating.

Overall Verdict

A lightweight and comfortable helmet that is packed full of safety features - this is a great helmet for those looking to explore all the mountain has to offer.

Giro Union Helmet

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