From gifts that will turn you into a pro-snowboarder to simply having a comfortable place to sit at the top of the mountain, our staff gave us a varied and interesting collection of responses when we asked them ‘what is your perfect Christmas gift?'.

Here are 10 of our staff’s most wanted winter gifts and their reasons for why they’d most want them, in their own words (believe us we couldn’t make these responses up if we tried!)

So read on - you never know their perfect Christmas gift may inspire you to find yours.

Alex – Aviemore Store
Men’s Point Five Jacket
I will be living in Scotland for the next five years and trying to get outdoors climbing and walking as much as possible. This is the perfect jacket designed for the Scottish elements to help me enjoy my time here in comfort and style

Laura – Graphics Dept
Salomon Women's XA 20
This little rucksack would be my perfect gift as it would be so useful for a multitude of activities, from treks in the hills to city commutes, and it's in a lovely colour.

Oliver – Mail Order
Go Pro – HD3 Black edition
My normal camera has been in and out of the repair centre 4 times in counting from it being dropped, water going in it, snowboard hitting it and being buried in snow. It would defiantly help advance my pictures and videos with something sturdier and waterproof. :)

Rachel – Bristol Store
Salamon Ivy boot
Because my boots are 6 years old, they leak, and make my feet hurt, thus affecting my performance on the mountain. If this wasn’t the case, i would most likely have a professional snowboarding career by now. New boots is the answer.

Mark – Milton Keynes
Forcefield Action Shorts
After spending most of my youth skiing I have decided, at the age of 28, to have my first snowboarding lesson. I managed to progress quite quickly and soon learned that the heel edge of a snowboard is NOT my friend or very kind on my coccyx.

Jane – Milton Keynes - Mountain, Trek & Travel Store
Osprey Flare 24
Frankly the Flare is my dream bag. I commute everywhere but I don't drive and the laptop sleeve with padding would keep my precious 'Sylvia' safe. It's big enough to carry all my essentials but small enough not to get in everyone's way when I'm trekking about on the high street.

Sarah – Castleford Store
Thermarest Prolite Seat
There is nothing worse than sitting on a cold, wet, sharp rock whilst trying to enjoy some food, that's why I would love one of these Thermarest Prolite Seats under my tree at Christmas. This would be my ideal gift as it would make my packed lunches at the top of the mountain more comfortable, meaning I can enjoy the view for longer.

Joanna – Bristol Store
Rab Microlight Alpine Hoody
This gift would be perfect for me because its freeeeeeezing outside and I walk to work on a daily basis! All my 'practical' clothing is hideous and often hand-me-downs from my dad! This jacket combines warmth with style, its just beautiful-look at it! I'd be the coolest looking (but warmest) member of the team.

Sam – Mail Order
Black Diamond Neve Strap Crampons
These would particularly be a 'perfect' gift for me as they will enable me to be as fast and light as possible for Mountaineering on steady snow plodding ground in the Alps and Scotland. I am particularly fond of the fast and light way approach as it enables me to see more of the mountains. It would also be useful as a back up emergency tool for fell running in winter for Mountains a bit closer to home in Snowdonia and the Lake District.

Brian – Liverpool Store
Petzl Quark
In my opinion the Petzl Quark ice axe and hammer are the best set of ice climbing tools on the planet. The curve of the shaft and the drop of the pick are in perfect balance for steep ice climbing and the trigger guard is so simple to adjust for use with thin or thick gloves. I have been climbing for a long time in some of the harshest mountain environments and it takes a lot to impress me but the Petzl Quark pushes my button.

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