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I remember vividly the first time my dad took me camping. It was in a wet field just outside of Buxton in Peak District and it was raining, blowing a gale and downright miserable. I was 11 years old and, like any blossoming teenager, all I could think was why are we here?

My father's response was, 'this is all part of camping son', but I wasn't convinced.

By the next morning, the rain had drifted away and we went on a short walk in hunt of a sausage butty, followed that evening by marshmallows over the campfire. It was this one day that started me down a life under canvas.

We’ve collated a selection of Instagram campers from around the world who aim to pass on their passion for the outdoors and inspire you for your next camping trip - they're probably more persuasive than my dad...

Awake the Soul


From stunning scenic camping shots to waving bears! Awake the Soul's Instagram feed has a little something for everyone including camping locations, cute pictures of dogs or you can even submit your own photography.

Good Morning fellow campers! Photo by @fursty #AwaketheSoul

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Terry shaw




If you have any trips to the U.S planned then you'll be inspired by Hipcamp's posts. They showcase some of the most gorgeous spots the U.S has. Exploration, camping, scenic views and more dogs is what you can expect to find on their page.

la copacaVANa

@ la_copacavana

la CopacaVANa are a couple from CA who are backpacking, cooking, climbing, and goofing their way across North America. You can read their experiences of living in van and what it entails in their blog, and view the stunning images taken along the way on their epic journey.

Life essentials by moonlight 🍻🔥🚐 #seaofcortez

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Camping With Cats


As their name suggests, Camping With Cats is possibly the most feline friendly camping Instagram account you’ll come across. Grab your tent, waterproofs, Cat and get camping!

#cathaiku A peaceful morning. In my blue hammock, I hang. Thoughts of mutiny. #campingwithcats @exploration_cat

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Camping With Dogs®


If you’re not really a cat person then Camping With Dogs might be up your street. Again as the name suggests it's camping... but with the immeasurable improvement fo it being with dogs!

Weekend goals: to be as comfy as this pup. #campingwithdogs @mountainmuttandgirl

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Back to basics. No fancy stove or 10 man tent, taoutdoors and his dog Jaxx camp in more, shall we say, rugged conditions and there are even videos showing you how to also survive the wilderness.



kyle Finn Dempsey


Stunning photography awaits you... marvel at the true beauty of the outdoors.

Birds singing, the morning sun on our backs & the Tetons turning gold before our eyes.

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Daniel Ernst


Camping, hiking and sightseeing, Daniel visits some of the most stunning places on earth. His images will leave you mesmerised.

Beach holidays in Norway - impossible to sleep 🇳🇴

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