The low price and ease-of use of modern-day filming equipment means any Tom, Dick or Harry can stick a GoPro/iPhone on a selfie-stick and produce video content. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that budget isn’t stopping talent rise to the top but separating the wheat from the chaff can become a bit of a scroll-fest.

To cut down on your trawling of Instagram for the best backcountry tricks, lines, destinations, panoramas etc - we’ve got you the inside track on 10 accounts you should be following.

Marion Haerty


Juggling the Freeride World Tour (where she came 3rd overall in 2016) and studies for a business degree, Marion Haerty is on world wind tour of challenging competition and good times with the Rossingol Team.

Sean Pettit


Sean Petitit turned pro aged 11 and moved to Whistler, Blackcomb. Doorstep access to one of the best mountain ranges in the world allowed for him to evolve as a skier and develop his backcountry skills. His ability to incorporate freestyle tricks in big mountain lines has helped him stand out from the crowd and deliver ridiculously good video parts year after year.

Baldface Lodge


In the heart of the Kootenay Mountains, British Columbia, sits Baldface Lodge. Synonymous with deep powder and catskiing, the lodge and their crew showcase how much fun you can have in epic conditions and terrain.

@austensweetin's part from @absinthefilms /fterForever is live @thesnowboardersjournal | photo @dustinlalikphoto

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Ben Sturgulewski


Take a glimpse behind the lens with Cinematographer Ben Sturgulewski. Travelling to some of the world’s most amazing and picturesque places Ben gives us a filmer’s perspective on big mountain skiing.

Not sure why people never believe me when I tell them makin' ski movies ain't easy #msp2016

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Hadley Hammer


Hadley Hammer grew up in Jackson, Wyoming, skiing the Tetons with her brother before competing on the Freeride World Tour. Nowadays she combines her loves of climbing and cooking with time skiing and touring.

Ski to Sea, Svalbard #linetourist #lineskiswomen

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Josh Daiek


Josh Diaek describes himself as a ‘skier, biker, cliff jumper and explorer or all things fun”. He certainly lives up to that description pulling huge tricks and skiing stupidly fast on big exposures.

John Collinson


With a loud personality and an impressive repertoire of tricks, John Collinson blasts big lines as part of The North Face team.

Sendays for the crew! @tetongravity // PC @ziomoo

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Helen Schettini


Part of the Full Moon crew Helen is currently one the world’s best female freeride snowboarders. Her ability to charge lines on technical faces have won her many fans and accolades such as being the first female on YES snowboard pro team.



Sander describes his huge backcountry tricks and smooth style with understated charm. "I ride down mountains with wood attached to my feet".

Logan Pehota


In-between competing on the Freeride World Tour, Logan Pehota enjoys sleding the backs of Whistler and some fishing. This young gun’ enthusiasm for going huge and doing it all at a hundred miles an hour is infectious – definitely, one to watch for the future.


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