Ellis Brigham workshops only use Wintersteiger servicing machines as we believe that they offer superior performance and are the best machines you can buy. Wintersteiger have been designing and building machines since 1954 and are now the world's No1 supplier of servicing machines.

Our workshop technicians have been specifically trained on these machines and can use them to their full potential; resulting in some of the best servicing in the UK.

Workshop Ski & Snowboard Servicing Machines

Wintersteiger SBI

The SBI is a stone and belt machine that is able to grind away minor scratches and provide a superb base finish via the stone grind.


  • Precision base grinding
  • Diamond cut stone pattern for accuracy
  • Multiple settings
Wintersteiger SBI

Wintersteiger Trim B

The Trim B is the ideal edge tuner, the ergonomic design offers the operator a good view of the grinding point. This is complemented by a simple swivel mechanism that allows for a quick easy change from side edge to base edge tuning.


  • Multiple base and side edge angles
  • Wet belt system prevents excess heat on the edge
Trim B