8th Day Adventure Beach

So you've got the kit. You've got the desire. But if you're wondering where to go, who to go with, and how on earth you're going to find the time to organise it all, then look no further!

Ellis Brigham have teamed up with sport and activity club 8th Day Adventure to bring you the best adventure club in the country, offering loads of events throughout the year, ranging from skiing and surfing to hiking, climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking, and loads more besides.

Whilst the focus is on some of these core adventure sports, the club is all about trying new things and meeting new people who share the same passions too, so there's a little bit of everything else in there too, such as coasteering, fencing, ultimate frisbee, caving, skydiving, sailing, kitesurfing, flyboarding, jousting, trampolining, tennis... you name it, we'll try and do it!

The club is all about being able to make the most of your spare time, and it's aimed at all levels of adventurer, whether an experienced enthusiast or just new to it all and wanting to give it all a go! It's all done in large groups (a typical weekend trip will have around 30 people on it), so that whatever your level you’ll be in good company. We pride ourselves on it being a really friendly and welcoming club, and the atmosphere in it is second to none.

There's a select few events outlined below, or for a full list check out the events calendar at www.8thdayadventure.co.uk

Membership to the club starts from just £25 per year for a 'silver' membership, or £60 per year for a 'gold' one, with unlimited event attendance. You can see the full details of the differences between memberships on the 8th Day Adventure website.

Members can also enjoy a 10% discount on future online Ellis Brigham purchases - just a little thank you from us.

So what are you waiting for?!


To join simply click here and follow the directions.

For a full selection of courses, activites and events with 8th Day Adventure, click here.