In the UK we are blessed with some incredible natural countryside, and it stands to reason that walking and hiking is a favourite past time for many outdoor enthusiasts. Our shop staff are no exception, and most of our stores have a few keen trekkers on the books. If you need a new pair of walking boots, or you just want to swap ideas about great places to hike both in the UK and elsewhere, find a trekking expert near you and visit their store.



  • Adam Newman - Store Manager

    Hiking Expert


    Hiking specialist Adam first fell in love with dotted green lines during his childhood as part of the Scouts. He's now been a manager in outdoor retail for over 5 years, sharing his wealth of walking experience with both customers and staff alike.

    Adam has hiked all over the UK, completing the each of the Three Peaks via numerous different routes, including Ben Nevis via the CMD arete. He's also trekked throughout much of Europe, including Portugal, the Canaries, and Iceland. "Getting to view the Northern lights in all their glory in a remote valley in Iceland was very special, accompanied by 6 dancing Mexicans and a bottle of real Mexican tequila! We were kept warm that night!".

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Anywhere in winter conditions. "Anywhere with snow and ice! Love winter walking so anywhere where I can get crampons on, I'm happy. Iceland was a real stand out trip as it’s a beautiful country with so many different challenges and plenty to see on the way!"

  • Malcolm Miller

    Trekking & Camping Expert

    Store: CAMBRIDGE

    Malcolm has been trekking in the UK for many years, spending a lot of time with youth club camps in the Lake District. In 2000 he went to America during which he trekked in the White mountains of Vermont. Malcolm also love to get out on his mountain bike.

    Spending most of his time in the Lake District, but equally at home all around the UK, Malcolm has managed to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge 5 times!

    During this time Malcom has used a lot of different products gaining knowledge on what works best.

    Having experienced bad health problems, but not wanting to be slowed down, Malcolm found that the equipment we have, has aided him to carry on with activities as he did before he was ill which he's found that communicating this to customers reassures them with the choice they have made.

    Favourite resort:

    I have two favourite destinations, the Lake District and Fort William both have amazing are-as for my two favourite activities, trekking and mountain biking. One of my aims for this season is to get out and spend as much time as I can doing my favourite activities. I also plan to extend my knowledge in snowboarding as I recently had my very first lesson which was an awesome experience."

  • Hugo Whalley

    Hiking Expert


    How long have you been hiking?

    "My earliest memories consist of hiking through Scandinavian forests with my family, learning bushcraft skills and spending time in the outdoors."

    What makes you an 'expert'?

    "I've spent several seasons of fjall guiding in Northern Sweden. I also have a variety of qualifications held in navigation and water-sports."

    Any unbelievable anecdotes?

    "I once spent a week trapped in an emergency hut on the Kungsleden Trail following the worst conditions the trail had seen at that time of year for over 60 years!"

    What's your favourite destination/resort/challenge to carry out your expert activity? Why?

    "My favourite destination is a small collection of huts on the border of Sweden and Norway near Grovelsjön. It sits a two day hike away from any other civilisation and offers an escape from electricity and other such modern amenities. The days are spent kayaking and fishing whilst the evenings are whiled away in a log-fuelled sauna interrupted only by an occasional dip in the lake to cool off."

    What are your aims this season?

    "This year I hope to sharpen my winter sports skills. I have two resort-based ski trips planned and a spot of ski-touring in Sweden. This will be coupled with several UK based winter hiking and mountaineering trips."