In the UK we are blessed with some incredible natural countryside, and it stands to reason that walking and hiking is a favourite past time for many outdoor enthusiasts. Our shop staff are no exception, and most of our stores have a few keen trekkers on the books. If you need a new pair of walking boots, or you just want to swap ideas about great places to hike both in the UK and elsewhere, find a trekking expert near you and visit their store.



  • Dean Miller

    Trekking Expert

    Store: STRATFORD

    Dean first visited the mountains when he went on a school outing to an activity centre in Snowdon, which inspired him to plan a trip to scale all of Snowdon’s 14 peaks shortly after his exams. He then went on to join the mountain club at Univeristy, which took him on frequent expeditions across the Scottish highlands.

    Starting out with hill walks, Dean is now an experienced Munro bagger and enjoys solo bothying weekends, grade 2-3 scrambling and winter climbing, so if you need advice about where to go and what to take with you for a trekking trip in the UK, come in and talk to Dean.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Glen Coe, Scotland. “Glen Coe is great because not only is it beautiful, there are so many options, depending on what you want to do you can plan walking, climbing, scrambling and mountaineering routes all within a fairly small radius.”

  • Malcolm Miller

    Trekking & Camping Expert

    Store: CAMBRIDGE

    Malcolm has been trekking in the UK for many years, spending a lot of time with youth club camps in the Lake District. In 2000 he went to America during which he trekked in the White mountains of Vermont. Malcolm also love to get out on his mountain bike.

    Spending most of his time in the Lake District, but equally at home all around the UK, Malcolm has managed to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge 5 times!

    During this time Malcom has used a lot of different products gaining knowledge on what works best.

    Having experienced bad health problems, but not wanting to be slowed down, Malcolm found that the equipment we have, has aided him to carry on with activities as he did before he was ill which he's found that communicating this to customers reassures them with the choice they have made.

    Favourite resort:

    I have two favourite destinations, the Lake District and Fort William both have amazing are-as for my two favourite activities, trekking and mountain biking. One of my aims for this season is to get out and spend as much time as I can doing my favourite activities. I also plan to extend my knowledge in snowboarding as I recently had my very first lesson which was an awesome experience."