Age - 16
Years Skiing – 10

Top 3 Achievements to date:

  • 18th Continental Cup Single Moguls
  • 6th Junior FIS National Australian Championships Slopestyle
  • 1st European Indoor Dual Moguls

Will FeneleyWill started skiing in Canada when just six years old and he enjoyed it so much he started to ski at the Norfolk Snowsports Club regularly. It was from there he ended up racing with the British Ski Academy for 5 years, but later on he tried to ski more in the park and found that it was great fun. He then started doing Moguls and made the decision to concentrate on the freestyle disciplines and is now in the National Academy for both Moguls and Slopestyle. This season he hopes to make the finals (Top 16) of the World Junior Mogul event and more longer term goals include trying to get to the Winter Olympics primarily for Moguls and to start competing in some FIS level slopestyle competitions. This year in Australia, one thing he loved to do was some backcountry and hopes to do more in the future.