Sammy Oakes climbing

"I’m a 17 year old climber from the West Midlands. I have climbed all of my life, because my dad is an instructor and I was always inspired by what he did even when I was tiny. I have never really been part of a competition squad, but I always loved climbing and I always knew I was competitive, growing up with two older brothers and just wanting to beat them. At the age of 10 I made my first National finals, coming sixth. This inspired me to continue trying hard and enjoy competing with my friends. At the age of 13 i was selected to compete for the GB team and have been competing internationally ever since."

"From a young age I loved being in the mountains and at the crag. Outdoor climbing is a huge part of who I am as a climber and it inspires me more than anything! I am mainly a sport climber but I really love Trad climbing and dabble in bouldering outside, if I see an amazing line! Trad climbing gives me huge satisfaction and is one of the things I enjoy the most about the sport. Especially as young British trad climbers are a dying breed."

"Competition wise I am mainly a lead climber, however I do compete in bouldering competitions too and I am improving at it all the time!"

Sammy Oakes climbing


  • 4 years on the GB climbing team
  • 4 time Welsh champion
  • 2 time Scottish lead champion
  • 2 time British cup winner
  • Climbed up to E8 6c trad, 8b+ sport and 7c+ boulder


  • Keep on climbing forever
  • Sammy Oakes climbing
  • Become British lead champion
  • Free climb the Nose on El Capitan
  • Climb E9

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